Environmental and Social Impact



Every member of the team holds at least a level 2 food hygiene certificate, with managers holding level 3 as a requirement. There is always a member of staff on shift who has had sufficient LPG training and a registered first aider. We are fully accredited members of the Nationwide Caterers Association.

Quality is always our top priority – we only use the best produce we can find and we make sure it is fresh. Our passion is food, we endeavour that every customer leaves us happy; we want to feel satisfied that customers walk away from us with positive stories to tell of the food and experience.



How we affect the environment around us is very important to us as a company, we endeavor to leave the smallest footprint possible wherever we trade. We source as much of our produce as possible locally to where we are trading, using independent suppliers. Where this is not possible, we use fair-trade ethical suppliers – always consciously purchasing our produce.

We use biodegradable disposables; all our plates, cutlery, napkins and cups are made from recycled, biodegradable materials.

We separate our rubbish and recycle as much as possible, unfortunately there is always a small amount that has to go to landfill but we’re proud to say we keep this to the absolute minimum of approximately 10% of our waste.

We work alongside TMagic Hathe Magic Hat Café, who drives behavior change to food waste by up-cycling surplus food, providing meals for anyone – irrespective of their financial status and enabling individuals and businesses to reduce the amount of food they waste through creative initiatives. We donate any food waste we have to the magic hat to be re-distributed in their


café. Check them out here: http://themagichatcafe.co.uk/

Our team is like a family, it is important to us that we grow together as one.  Supporting our staff properly is key to the development of the business and to helping people progress within their roles and into higher positions. We have a high percentage of returning staff year on year, so you can look forward to seeing the same familiar faces at your event.