Fire in the Hole – Pizza to the People


Our pizzas are all thin crust 12” traditional Italian pizzas. Using only the finest well-seasoned hardwood our ovens reach temperatures of up to 500℃. The heat from the bricks gives our thin crust pizzas a crispy base, while the fire takes care of the bubbling cheese, melting to perfection.

When making our pizzas we use only the finest of ingredients, 00 pizza flour and high quality locally sourced meats and cheeses. While the ovens are heating up we roast of Mediterranean veg with olive oil, fresh herbs and seasoning. Red peppers are mixed with diced chorizo, and then roasted on the outside of the oven so as to infuse the Smokey spices of the chorizo into the roast red peppers. Prepping our toppings like this gives our pizza a unique and unbeatable flavor.

Vegetarian, vegan, gluten, wheat or lacto free are catered for and advised on our menus. There’s always a member of the team happy to help anyone with special requirements or questions.


We serve from a unique Capri tent with a handmade oak counter front for an authentic and original look. Service is a big part of the experience for us at Fire in the Hole Pizza, We have two of the largest wood fired pizza ovens out there and a fast team to allow us to serve more pizzas per day than most other units..

Our well trained speedy staff always put on a show while they work – you can see the dough roller working their magic stretching and spinning the dough in the air to keep the que entertained. It is then passed along to be topped before being slid onto a paddle and fired in the oven by one of our pizza chefs. A minute later the cheese is bubbling away infused with the smell of the wood smoke and ready to eat.

Music is important to us, we always have an eclectic playlist at events so our staff and customers are happy and well entertained, even during the busiest service we naturally keep our customers entertained.

The Crew

We are a crew of friends that hold a shared love for food, festivals and seasonal work, a lot of our crew are experienced chefs juggling the British festivals and ski seasons in the Alps. Some of our staff are away in the winter teaching English around the world or even just backpacking and sightseeing.

We have 13 years’ experience in the outdoor catering industry and feel we have learnt an awful lot over the years but are always ready for more challenges and to adapt to an ever changing environment.

An enthusiasm for fast paced, interactive service means our kitchens are always brimming with energy – no matter how big the queue or how large the prep list. Our crew are always keen to share their stories and energy with the crowd.

Certificates and Documentation

We have a 5 star food hygiene rating, all our staff are highly experienced in their field and when training is relevant we encourage and support our staff through it. It’s important to us that everyone who works with us is provided the knowledge they need to be able to work responsibly and within the constraints of health and safety, food hygiene and any other relevant practices and procedures.